Long time no see..

It has been almost a year since my last post. It was about the GEMInjector Razor i was designing.

But recently there have been some progresses/changes in my daily life which made me concentrate to different tasks and i couldn’t keep up with the wetshaving.

One of the changes is moving another place for a couple of years.

This means that i won’t be able to continue the production.

I will try to design more in my spare time.

Maybe i can return to the production when im back, who knows ?


Barbaros GEMInjector v2

Hello all, long time no see. I was heavily overwhelmed with daily work and couldn’t find time to work on the hobby. In my spare time, i revised the GEMInjector which I posted about it here before. I designed it as a spring loaded type. It both utilizes GEM and Injector blades. I got the prototype and took some notes. Now there are a couple of things to be tweaked. I don’t know when i will be able to get it machined but i will try my best.

Here is the short video i posted in instagram. More will be coming.


Levend Handle

Machined version


Polished version

Finally I managed to get what i want. After a couple of failures in machining the handle, i received a neatly shaped handle with tight tolerances. It has tiny machining marks which can be seen inside the helices in the above photo but it wont be an issue. It looks better in person. I’m planning to offer the machined version without any extra process and a polished version which will be paired with a TR-2 head.

The specs are

14 x 85 mm.


316 Stainless Steel