Barbaros GEMInjector

Recently i have been working on a razor project, GEMInjector: A razor which can accommodate both injector and GEM blades. That may be interesting i think. People are very enthusiastic about seeing a modern GEM Single Edge type razor, i had some sketches for it and thought what if it is able to take injector blades too? and Ta-da!

Rendered Image
Rendered Image

I shared a short rendered video of the model in instagram, then people commented about the head being very big and i noticed the mistake thereafter, the handle was scaled incorrectly and making the head look very big. This time i rendered it correctly.


I got the 3D model printed and currently making some tweaks on the model. I’m focused on the function right now, cosmetic changes can be done later like the lather holes or pins etc.


A warm welcome!

A warm welcome on a cold day! Here is the first post of Shaving Ritual. This website will be a collection of my SOTD photos, contain shaving related news and information which i find noteworthy to share. Before i met with the wet shaving community, the shaving was a trouble for me, i was always shaving reluctantly. Then i found out that it could be fancier.

I have been wetshaving for over 3 years. I tried many safety razors including Vintage Double Edge, Single Edge, also Straight Razors and Shavettes. Each razor has its own characteristics even if they resemble each other in many ways. During this journey i separated my way with many of them to keep a small den and i am very good at this so far.

I had a couple of projects in the last 2 years and made one of them successfull “Barbaros Safety Razors”. Not a very competitive one yet but going in the right direction.

Hope all your dreams come true in 2017 together with a peaceful world, Happy New Year!